What type of New Yorker are you?

Who are you? What does the way you walk down the streets in a city, approach public transportation, or how you order pizza say about what type of New Yorker you might be? Is there a way to pinpoint the exact science behind how much Frank Sinatra, pinstripes, and love for bagels flows in your veins? We’re fairly sure Whalebone has uncovered a way to help answer all of these questions and more as part of the New York City Issue.

To do so, and in the spirit of continuing financial debt support for the Whalebone Department of Psychology, we commissioned the people with nice couches on the 9th floor of our HQ to create a quiz that allows you to see where you stand and what type of New Yorker you might really be. The 9th-floor folks insist that these questions are backed by a scientific method and that its results are 100 percent accurate. That said, we’re pretty skeptical on them after the internal daily horoscope email kept repeating itself for seven days. Anyways, the following is the “What Kind Of New Yorker Are You?” quiz, brought to you by a portion of Whalebone Magazine that still holds faith in the 9th-floor investments.

Try this link if your mobile browser is being wonky: https://whalebone.typeform.com/to/Az3InT