An Accidentally Wes Anderson Takeover of The Library On Bleecker

Look For The Man In The Red Hat

Followers of the Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram account (not to be mistaken with the cult) found themselves not so accidentally sipping sake and Suntory whiskey this past weekend  at The Library on Bleecker. In celebration of Accidentally Wes Anderson’s feature on Japan in The Travel Issue, those following the account were prompted via Instagram to hunt down the man in the red hat at The Library on Bleecker for a special surprise.

Here’s how it went down:

  • See Accidentally Wes Anderson’s post about taking over The Library on Bleecker
  • Brush your teeth and comb your hair
  • Go to the Library on Bleecker
  • Find the man in the red hat
  • Get a Travel Issue with the official AWA x Whalebone stamp
  • Head to the bar in the back and enjoy a complimentary shot of sake or Japanese whisky
  • Start a Moonrise Kingdom-esque dance party

Those who participated also had the chance to enter a contest to win an exclusive Accidentally Wes Anderson print by simply putting down their name, email and best travel advice as the Grand Budapest Hotel played on loop in the background.

With not a drop of whisky or sake to spare, and a long weekend coming to an end, the AWA crew packed up their bags, ready for the next adventure. Thanks, AWA crew for spending the weekend with us at 326 Bleecker. Looking forward to more adventures. Sayōnara