Protecting New York’s Zoar Valley

The Nature Conservancy Has Been Fighting for Zoar Valley Since the 1960s

Photos by Andrew Nisbet


ur friends over at The Nature Conservancy in NY make a lot happen all over the state. And we’re big fans of doing something when it comes to making the world a better place; or sometimes something as small as making someone smile or something as big as taking the steps necessary to save our planet. There’s a range. On the less small side, The Nature Conservancy’s efforts in preserving the lands of New York’s Zoar Valley are a pretty freaking major step in that whole not turning the earth into an uninhabitable rock surrounded by a sulphuric gas cloud thing. And we, personally, like clean air and water and living things, doesn’t everyone?

Sprawling acres of trees, spiraling creeks and potentially one of the most opportune moments you’ll find for a marriage proposal this side of the Siene—The Zoar Valley plays host to a vast variety of species and some of the tallest trees in the Northeast, a true statement to what a minimally disrupted ecosystem can be. That’s great for trees and bunnies, but what about us? According to The Nature Conservancy, preservation of just 612 forested acres in the valley would help capture 74,000 tons of carbon pollution from the atmosphere. Sort of like a giant vacuum.

Experts estimate the preservation of these acres will help capture 74,000 tons of carbon pollution from the atmosphere, that’s the equivalent of keeping 16,000 cars off the road for one year.

—The Nature Conservancy

Besides being a generous source of clean air and water, it’s also a rad place to play, Canoeing, hiking and fishing are all permitted in many areas…just clean up after yourself, ok, and let those tree vacuum cleaners do their jobs.

A recent purchase of 612 acres of the Zoar Valley by the good people at The Nature Conservancy will continue to enforce environmental protection on this beautiful piece of the planet.

Learn more about the protection of the Zoar Valley, why it matters so much and how you can get involved here.