What’s Your Alebrije

Alebrije Illustrations by Luis Pinto

When Pedro Linares woke from a fever dream, seemingly terrifying creatures followed him back from his sleep. In the dream, the fantastical beasts formed in the dark wilderness and he could hear them chattering and chanting on word over and over: “alebrije…alebrije…alebrije.” At first, he found them threatening, then later as his illness cleared, he began to believe the mystical animals came to protect him and helped make him healthy again. The Oaxacan artist rendered the visions in paper mâché, though his first attempts were too frightening for most, he then developed the extravagantly colored and more whimsical alebrije in the late 1930s that went on to become a folk art tradition. Linares beasts crossed into the art world when they caught the attention of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera who commissioned him to create alebrijes for them.

The Whalebone Dream Interpretation Division has crafted this quiz to help you find your own protective alebrije.

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