Someone admires you. Hopefully not the “Hey, I’m outside your window and have a hair doll of you in my sock drawer”-admire and more of a distant admiration for how you navigate the world. But we can pretty much guarantee that someone admires you. It might be a small child, or an old animal, or an old animal who acts like a small child, but someone admires you for who you are.

If that someone could sit you down for a few minutes for an interview, we wonder what questions they would ask. On the other hand, if the old animal sits you down to ask you some questions please consider recording that. That’d be a hoot. A talking dog.

Buncha people we admire each interviewed one person they admire. One even interviewed them twice. Long story. We’ll tell you sometime.

The Interview Issue Interviews

Some People We Admire Interviewing People They Admire