Get Yer Whalebone Magazines at WeMRKT

Photo WeWork

WeWork launches WeMRKT and picks Whalebone Magazine to feed your head

The question we get asked most often—well, enough that we would remark on it—is “Where can I find Whalebone Magazine?” We usually respond to this by drawing a map on the back of a cocktail napkin and marking where locations outside of Montauk that carry Whalebone Magazine are. The map is often not to scale and leads to unfortunate instances, such as that one time tourists tried to buy Whalebone Magazine at the Hague (where Whalebone Magazine is NOT for sale) and accidentally interrupted a war crimes tribunal and, well, it was a big mess. So, we’re working on a better system than the napkins.

Point is, you can now find Whalebone Magazine at the just-launched WeMRKT by WeWork (which some of you may know is where we work). The very first WeMRKT is now open at the WeWork at 205 Hudson Street in New York.

Yes, Whalebone Magazine is good for you (but please don’t eat it).

WeMRKT is a, you might have put this together from the name, market stand featuring products produced by WeWork members and a place where anyone can purchase and enjoy said products. Brooke, our pal at WeWork, tells us that the focus is on healthy offerings (as members requested), so, yes, Whalebone Magazine is good for you (but please don’t eat it). Wait, Brooke is telling us that just because the focus is on healthy products that does not mean that Whalebone Magazine is necessarily healthy. We are going to send some copies to the FDA and see what we can do.

Products Possibly Selected by Deathmatch

Besides being available at WeMRKT, selected products will be available through a partnership with SnackNation, a healthy snack delivery service (but not apparently Whalebone Magazine, since it evidently does not qualify as a snack, according to what the FDA is now telling us).

Whalebone Magazine is very proud to be featured among the select group of companies featured in WeMRKT and is also starting its own healthy snack company.

WeWork will be holding quarterly pitch meetings for member companies to compete to have products featured (which may or may not include Rollerball style death-matches). The last brands standing from the first pitch meeting include:

All lovely things you can nosh on or sip while reading your Whalebone Magazine.