A Better Than OK Issue Release Shindig

Photos by Ian Cooke

Take a couple hundred good people and put them in a good place and you’ve got a recipe for not bad times.

That’s just what went down at the release shindig for The Good Issue presented by Method. Mr. William Grand played some better than ok tunes that led to the christening of the dance floor at The We Company’s brand spanking new Made by We.

Other recipes for a significantly better than ok night included mixing Health-Ade Kombucha and Don Julio tequila with grapefruit and lime juice and agave nectar for a cocktail that … well, while can’t say it’s healthy because we aren’t doctors, we can say that it’s delicious. Bluestone Lane provided the essential food groups of avocado toast, bread and cheese. Also balancing things out on the hydration front were ubiquitous JUST Water bottle-boxes and colorful cans (with their own slim koozies) of Archer Roose. Montauk Brew Co. went koozieless, but still maintained a colorful appearance.

Turns out The Good Issue cover makes a pretty good blank canvas, too. With some markers laying around the artistically inclined in the assembled crowd made their own customizations to the cover. New plan is we just have the release parties at the printer from now on and just have all of you draw each cover before the magazines ship. Free Tiger Balm for everyone’s sore wrists.