Friendly Introductions: A Walk On Water

Photo: Trevor Pikhart

On February 1st and 2nd, a portion of proceeds from Whalebone apparel sold online will go toward AWOW in support of their awesome organization. Learn more about them in the overview below:

Surfing is a pretty powerful sport. The influence surfing possesses is something many people seem to find immeasurable. It pushes people’s limits and exemplifies personal growth, success and passion. At the same time, surfing can be a healing and therapeutic experience.

With those qualities in mind, A Walk On Water (AWOW) has used the power of surfing and the ocean to create a lasting impact, and develop unforgettable memories for those who might have never had the opportunity to experience what the sport has to offer. The nationally recognized non-profit organization has been devoted to providing water therapy to kids with special needs and their families through experiential instruction at their all-inclusive surf events.

In 2015, the California-based organization established a new chapter in Montauk and over the past two summers, have held two incredible events at Ditch Plains with huge turnouts.

What makes AWOW so special from other organizations who offer similar services to kids with special needs, is their siblings, families and friends are also welcome to participate, making each of these events an all inclusive, one-of-a-kind day for families to enjoy free of charge.

Since AWOW’s inception, over 200 children with special needs and families have experienced the thrill of surfing and its therapeutic qualities each year.

For more information on how you can get involved with one of the best organizations on the planet—including details on how you can volunteer , make a donation or sign up a loved one for AWOW—please visit or visit their Facebook page.