Eleutheran Idyl

Words and images by Pat Schmidt

Well, for starters, I have a pretty damn cool family.

The whole reason we went to Eleuthera was for my parents’ 25th anniversary. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been yet and it’s only a couple short flights from home. It’s a very skinny island in the Bahamas that divides the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Fine, Twist My Arm. I’ll Come.

On the Atlantic side you have deep, dark blue water with chunky seas and some potential for surf, on the Caribbean side it’s more of a bright turquoise blue, calm, shallow and relaxing type of water. The locals smile and wave every time you drive by, there’s fresh fish everywhere and the rum ain’t too bad either.

So, naturally, it wasn’t too hard to convince my girlfriend Quincy to come along and be my photo subject for the week. I didn’t quite shoot as much as I was planning on being that family activities came first, but we still came back with a few cool images.

Now off to battle some crowds in Hawaii.

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