A Casual Friday in Austin

Photography by Laura June Kirsch


hen last we saw photographer Laura June Kirsch she was at the House of Vans in Brooklyn pointing a camera at Gwar. But we recently found ourselves in Austin, Texas. And it being the middle of SXSW, a whole lot of other people also recently found themselves in Austin. So last Friday, we bumped into Laura down around Sixth Street, which maybe wasn’t so surprising. She had disposable cameras in both hands shooting the absurdity, fun and crowds of SXSW—a week or two or maybe it’s a month that witnesses Austin’s transformation from Texas’s weird little heart to a free-roaming street fair, tech conference and music festival.

We asked Laura if she’d mail us some of those cameras when she was done, and this is what the postman delivered.

Laura, herself.


Casual Friday.


One stop shop.


Kings of 6th Street.


Artists only.


Hot for tacos.