Balaram’s Winter in Hawaii Snapshots

Photos by Balaram Stack

Cracking Coconuts, Mechanical Bull Riding, Skateboarding and Fishing in Oahu

One Mr. Balaram Stack had a pretty OK winter spent at the Volcom House in Hawaii. The New York surfer brought back east the memory of being in the finals of the Pipe Pro, maybe a stray cat and about a dozen rolls of film. We waited the requisite 24 hours for them to develop and share the result with you here.


Balaram On His Pipe House Winter

This winter was one I’ll never forget just from the crew we had staying there. We were there from December to mid-February and had about 20 disposables between Thorbag (Thor Larson) and myself that went through many other hands along the way.

The dungeon was our humble abode or hideout from the chaos upstairs while the waves were firing. When the waves are going off you can’t help but constantly look at the ocean with high intensity, so it takes a lot out of you, and the dungeon takes you away from that and gives you some down time.

It was the sickest crew to have around while making heats in the Pipe Pro.

The crew staying at the house was always changing people coming and going from all over the planet. Thats my favorite part about it all. It’s a melting pot of surfers all there as a family waiting to surf the mother Pipeline and it was the sickest crew to have around while making heats in the Pipe Pro. Every time I came up from a heat win the house would erupt, making me feel like every heat was a final.