Summer in 35mm: The Photo Issue Edition

Sarakinkiko Beach by Erin Burger | @ebmaya | Minolta x-700, Kodak Portra 160 film

Cameras with doors that open can get jammed with sand.

That is the least of the reasons why we salute these photographers and their entries in The Whalebone Photo Contest for their takes on Summer in 35mm in The Photo Issue. Long August days somehow look a bit better in analog. Film grain on a beach ball brings a soft nostalgia. Light leaks from the burning sun overhead capture the heat of the moment. Clicks, pops and snaps from trusty old cameras are in harmony with splashes, swing-set creaks, and skateboard wheels spinning on asphalt. Just try to keep the sunscreen off the lens.

Rainbow Blanket by Doug Robichaud | @killerdogma | Pentax 67, Portra 400


Live In The Jungle Die In The Jungle by Pete Milnes | @pete_milnes | Olympus OM1, Ektar 100


Feeding Frenzy by Finnegan Osler-Seymour | @fairyfos | Minolta Weathermatic 35DL, 200 ISO, Kodak UltraMax

Knowing Where To Stand by Jonathan Mcwhorter | @jonathanmcwhorter | Yashica Lynx 14, Kodak Portra 800


Crest by Andrew Schneider | @schneider_photo | Olympus, Portra 800


View Of Half Dome by Stefanie Keeler | @_stefaniemae | Fuji Klasse S, Portra 400

Bizarro World by Erik Hoffman | @erikhoffmanphoto | Nikon Nikonos V

Maintain Momentum by Alexa Liccardi | @alexaliccardi_ | Nikon, 35 mm, Kodak


Sink Or Swim by Robbie Burns | @_Roberto_Thunder | Canon F-1, Portra 400 Pushed 1 Stop

Weeee by Thomas Lagrega | @tlagrega | Amagansett, NY 35 mm