Analog Living in a Digital World, Part II

Photo courtesy of Folk Rebellion

As promised, here is part II of our Ferris Bueller-inspired “rules” for summer. If you can’t recall why it’s important to #LiveLikeFerris, allow us to refresh your memory

“Summer is short enough already. It flies by in a flurry of perfectly filtered pics and work emails from the beach chair. So why are we letting our constantly connected, distracted way-of-life not only fast-forward the time but also eat up our supposed space for relaxation? The result is far worse than a Monday after the Boardy Barn. It’s leaving many heading home from the beach feeling like they were barely there at all.”


Photo courtesy of Folk Rebellion

Leaving the vacation spot without any feeling of ever having been there is no good, no bueno. We won’t allow it. Here are 5 more guidelines to consider as we kick into full gear for summer season.

  1. Go Topless. Rent, borrow or steal a convertible and feel the wind in your hair. Smell the sea and jam with your copilot. Put the 3rd wheel in the glove box where it belongs and get lost.
  2. Look Up. Enjoy the world from a new perspective. Lay in the grass under the clouds, trees, fireflies and sun. Fall asleep there. The fresh air will do you good. Visit a museum and stand and just absorb. No pictures. Just feel it. Bask in it. How does it make you feel? No posting that thought. Keep it for you, and you alone, to call upon when you are back in the ol’ cubicle.
  3. Slow Food. Eat an amazing meal at home, while picnicking or at restaurant in silence. No food pictures. Spoiler alert…no one cares. Listen to the utensils clink, feel the water and wine travel down into your belly, appreciate where the food came from and the time and people who prepared it. No food pictures. Spoiler alert: no one cares.
  4. Save Paper. Put your feet up and get paper back in the game. With all our sleek and sexy new devices taking the front seat — actual books, magazines & newspapers have been forced into retirement. Bring them off the bench and let the centerfolds fill with sand, make notes, dog-ear pages and pass it on. Your beach blanket bud will thank you and so will your brain. Science says you will actually retain over 30% more of it.
  5. Rebel-Rouse. Be the one that gives other people “bad ideas” and you’ll be a righteous dude. They may think going offline, ignoring the constant lure of text messages, and leaving the house without a phone is a 1st class ticket to nowhere, but you know it’s a 1st class ticket to rejuvenation. All the cool kids are doing it.
Photo courtesy of Folk Rebellion

Photo courtesy of Folk Rebellion

That’s it. Now get out there. Strangely enough, there’s a lot to find when you lose yourself (and your most prized material possessions as well). See you on the other side.

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