After Hours at the Library on Bleecker

The Dewey Decimal System of Shindigs

Photos by Avery Schuyler Nunn

The card catalog had the night off, but there were books, drinks, intense games of pool, good people and more good people with more drinks. The occasion marked the launch of the Library on Bleecker, this new place that is not a shop we have opened with our friends at CADDIS. Again it’s not a shop. It’s more like a library with drinks and a fireplace and a pool table.

Last Friday night, standard library rules did not apply for the launch party. For example:

That being said, The Library on Bleecker isn’t your standard library.

Blurred vision (from overwork and advanced age, not inebriation) turned clear with the help of CADDIS readers. Books that you can read with your eyes almost out-numbered a crowd of both new and old friends.

And, please, whoever “borrowed” a couple of copies from our erotic books section, your books are overdue. We’ll look the other way on the fines if you tuck them back in where you found them.