Square x Whalebone Supporting Small Businesses in NYC

The Importance of the Little Things


halebone recently reopened our doors at our Bleecker St. Shop and in an effort to help revitalize New York City and most important help out a few amazing small businesses, we’ve partnered with Square, who are lending a hand with the ecommerce while foot traffic is limited.

When you come by Bleecker St. location you’ll get the chance to shop and sample a few of their products, but in case you can’t make it by, you can still shop small and show your support by visiting their online stores (of course powered by Square) and get to know them a little better.

Let’s get you acquainted

Kings County Distillery is New York City’s premier craft distillery and among the most acclaimed small distilleries in the United States. Focused exclusively on whiskeys, Kings County has made a name for its bourbon, peated bourbon, rye and other creative whiskeys. We only distill whiskey for our label and we never sell whiskey made from any other source. New York City has no obvious tradition of distilling like Kentucky or Scotland, but as a melting pot of cultures from all over the world, our whiskeys likewise tend to borrow from a variety of distilling styles. Our ingredients and aging are typical of American whiskeys, our distillation and fermentation are more like single malt scotch or pot still Irish whiskey, and our appreciation of unaged whiskey can be traced to Appalachian moonshine. Kings County embraces a variety of whiskey cultures and blends them into creative, distinctive whiskeys.

Our whiskeys have been named to best-of lists by the New York Times, Wine and Spirits Magazine, Bon Appetit, GQ, the New Yorker, and many others. Recognizing the distillery’s role as a leader in the craft distilling movement, the American Distilling Institute named Kings County Distillery of the Year in 2016.

At Clean Market, we have a relentless drive and curiosity for wellness.

Clean Market is a modern wellness concept with treatments and amenities that include IV drips, Infrared Saunas, and Cryotherapy. The in-store wellness shop has a curated selection of self-care essentials such as clean beauty, medical-grade supplements, adaptogens, CBD, health snacks, and pantry items to maintain your personal wellness routine.

We are dedicated to helping you feel your best by providing you with purposeful nutrition, effective products, and innovative services to optimize, energize, and transform your life. We’re on a mission to feel better, live better, compete better, and look better – with the ultimate goal of living life to the fullest.

Nina B. is the designer and maker of NinaBee JEWELRY. She is a Swiss goldsmith based in New York City. The designer’s former career as an art historian, her admiration for old artifacts, as well as her love for contemporary design trends influences NinaBee Jewelry’s aesthetics.

The brand’s dainty objects melt old and modern hearts alike. Each piece is handmade, finished and polished in the NinaBee studio in Brooklyn, NY. Working with venerable casters and refiners in the local New York Diamond District allows the brand to offer eco-conscious and sustainable quality jewelry.

Our owner, Bob, first opened Hardware 2.0 in 1989. He noticed there weren’t any black-owned hardware stores in the area, and he wanted to change that. Bob believed people should be able to shop at a store where the owner also lived in the neighborhood, as a way to keep the money circulating in the community. For over 30 years, we’ve served the Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn as a family owned and operated independent hardware store.

Our plant department opened earlier this year and has rapidly expanded in just a few months, becoming one of the biggest attractions to our store. With everyone spending more time at home this year, we’ve found that our customers are more drawn to bringing nature indoors. Whether you’re looking for your first houseplant or you’re a seasoned plant parent, we strive to provide a diverse selection, ranging from common houseplants to more rare finds.