A horizontal feature image of a diner filled with people sitting in classic booths. Right in front of the camera are two men sitting across from each other while having a conversation. The booth seats are red and the table is off-white and set with orange Whalebone magazines. Six large, glowing orb lights are hanging in a horizontal row from the ceiling and bathing the room in a soft orange/yellow glow. The wall in the background is covered in floor-to-ceiling windows.

A whole lotta BECs

A look at the Whalebone Breakfast Diner Pop-Up

All photos courtesy of Ian Cooke

Breakfast was served. Even for lunch and for dinner. In celebration of The Breakfast Issue of Whalebone Magazine, we decided to get into the breakfast business. Teaming up with the folks at Soho Diner in downtown NYC, Whalebone popped up with the B.E.C. for a few days of breakfasts, dinners, free sammies, parties and more. 

No worries if you weren’t able to make it. Though it may not smell or taste quite as good, here’s a nice little look into the kitchen of how things went with our friends at Martinelli’s, Dos Hombres, Onyx Coffee Lab, and Tif’s Spiked. Order up.

Day 1: The Breakfast Issue Release Party presented by Martinelli’s

A good old-fashioned issue release party, but this time add apple juice. Over 100 guests came out to bring The Breakfast Issue to life at the Soho Diner. Vibes were immaculate and excitement was high with enthusiasm surrounding the issue and the nostalgia for Martinelli’s apple juice and sparkling cider. The night was filled with music, dancing ice cold apple juice, with a number of guests taking bottles home with them. DJ William Grand kept the night young with some of the better tunes that kept the dance floor full, with Martinelli’s, Dos Hombres and Onyx Coffee helping to keep drinks full and flowing. This one really kicked off the diner takeover on the right foot.

Day 2: VIP Dinner presented by Onyx Coffee Lab

Breakfast for dinner is one of the finer things in life. VIP guests came to the Soho Diner for an intimate dinner surrounding The Breakfast Issue and the Whalebone pop up. The meals were great, the coffee was hot and everyone was having a great time flipping through the issue and enjoying the company. Drinks were flowing with a mix of Martinelli’s apple juice, Dos Hombres Mezcal and Onyx Coffee. Most important meal of the day, no matter what time.

Day 3: World BEC Day

To bring some delight to the people of New York City, Whalebone delivered 100 bacon-egg-and-cheeses around the city, sent from those in our audience who wanted to make someone’s day. Hopping on our bikes, we packed up our delivery bags and pedaled to each location to deliver breakfast and a smile. The excitement from senders and recipients were through the roof, plus the sandwiches were pretty damn good.

Day 4: Dinner with Accidentally Wes Anderson

In celebration of our pals at Accidentally Wes Anderson putting out their new postcard book, we put on a nice and not-so-little dinner at the diner with more than 200 guests coming out to meet and greet the AWA crew. Fans of both Whalebone and AWA came to support both brands, spending a lot of time with the Accidentally Wes Anderson feature in The Breakfast Issue and picking the brains of Wally and the team. Lots of folks said this was one of their favorite events of the year. Send a postcard if you’ve got one.

Day 5: The Halloween Bash

Costumes were required. In honor of Halloween, we threw a 220-person party at the Soho Diner. Naturally, William Grand lit the dance floor on fire and his costume was absolutely up to par. Drinks were flowing from Tif’s Spiked, Dos Hombres, Martinelli’s and Onyx Coffee, keeping the dance floor going all night. Some of the best costumes we’ve seen to date.

A landscape image taken from the across the street of the outside of a fake diner with no windows and a green awning and pink and white lettering. The floor is covered in black and white checkered vinyl subway tile flooring. The back wall of the diner is covered in pictures of milk cartons and a mirror. A yellow taxi van is visible in the mirror. Large pink/white orb lights hang from the ceiling. There are four chair-less white and brown alternating rectangular and circular tables evenly spaced across the floor, each with a large bouquet of assorted white and orange flowers resting on them. The last table has no flowers. Metal-cube-ined windows are above and behind the emerald green awning. A tall gray light post covered in stickers stands to the right center in front of the diner. A wet sidewalk is in the foreground of the photo.

Day 6: Press Play on Brunch

The jukebox was well-used. To go out with a bang on the last day of the Whalebone pop-up at Soho Diner, a whole lotta Whalebone fans came out to brunch to enjoy music and that classic diner food. Guests were loving the playlist curated by Whalebone and Soho Diner and were scanning the menu so they could listen again later. Perfect way to start the day.

Maybe we should stay in the breakfast business.