Testing the Limits of Waterproof Camera Housings on the North Shore

A Night with Zak Noyle at The Library

Photos by Avery Schuyler Nunn

The Library’s expanding series on the effects of salt water on camera lenses continued last week when surf photog Zak Noyle landed on Bleecker Street. Growing up in Oahu with a camera in-hand and a love for the ocean, Zak has plenty of experience treading water whole holding a gimbal aloft. From shooting the always daunting and dangerous Pipeline to documenting the impact of pollution in our oceans in Indonesia, he’s been in some of the most iconic swells around the globe. Zak and the Urban Armor Gear crew (who have helped us armor our iPhones from the effects of drops, falls and light ocean sprays) sat down with Whalebone, some close friends and fans to discuss his career and how he turned his passion for surf photography into an art.

Over some Shake Shack and beverages from Montauk Brew Co. and JuneShine Hard Kombucha, Zak talked about his photography lineage, early days of stealing film from his dad, falling in love with water photography and the travels that came with it.

After a Q&A session, guests received totes with UAG goodies, and if you were lucky, a signed print by Zak, a YETI Rambler, a pair of Caddis glasses or a Whalebone hoodie.

With prizes in hand, guests wrapped up the evening with a nightcap of Don Julio, warm cookies, and a JUST Water for the road. There may or may not have been a record for most cookies eaten in 2 minutes that night but if you’re curious the record is 12. Pressure is on, Kobayashi. You have 24 hours to respond.