¿Donde Esta la Cerveza?

Navigating your way through Mexico using your liver and stomach, but mostly liver. What is the beer to drink and what to eat with it?


DRINK: Cucapá Border Amber Ale has a “soft bitterness” and caramel notes.

EAT: A popular brunch item, Machaca is dried meat (usually spiced beef or pork) typically served with a tortilla.



DRINK: The floral, citrus pale ale from Cerveceria Dos Aves, might just brighten your day.

EAT: Made with pork or chicken in a rich stew with hominy (which is where it gets its name), Pozole is a classic that warms the bones with its spicy and earthy flavors.



DRINK: On the coast, light and crisp Pacifico Pilsner is a staple.

EAT: Perfect for a hot day, Aguachile is shrimp marinated in a lime and cilantro mix and then served with red onion, cucumber, peppers and avocado on a corn tortilla.



DRINK: Modelo might be popular worldwide, but was founded in Mexico City in 1925, so why not have one here?

EAT: Mole Poblano has a long ingredient list, but like any traditional mole dish, chocolate and peppers are involved. The sauce is simmered to perfection and often served over chicken.



DRINK: A true beachside classic, Sol was first brewed in the 1890s and still remains a mainstay.

EAT: Meat, marinated cabbage, salsa, and cheese come together as Garnachas and, if you are lucky, maybe your lunch.



DRINK: Medium-bodied Montejo is about “easy drinking” so lean back.

EAT: The ancient Mayan pork recipe Poc Chuc gets its distinct flavor from an orange juice & garlic marinade.