A Grandma Swig of Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon and a pizza pie in the background with a half eaten slice waiting on a white plate.

Pairing Pizza and Bulleit Bourbon (and somehow still getting the magazine done)

It’s certainly not like Bulleit Bourbon got the editor through college or anything. And certainly certain that that particular human was not over the moon when the idea of a pizza and bourbon pairing was brought to the table, so to speak. Enter Adam Geissler, Bulleit ambassador with a recommendation on how to do the damn thing right. Definitely the expert.

Portrait of Adam Geissler, Bulleit ambassador with orange halftone effect on cream colored background.

How did you find Bulleit and what you do for the company?

I grew up in Kentucky, so Bourbon was naturally a fit for me. Before having Bulleit as a client in a consulting company that I helped run in Louisville, I had helped open and run several bars and restaurants around the state. Bulleit needed someone to represent them in the Northeast and I jumped on the opportunity to move my family back east. I am now the Cultural Ambassador for the area, helping spot good sponsorship opportunities and brand partners while executing experiential marketing around the region.

Favorite slice of pizza and why?

I’m a creature of habit and my go-to slice is a Grandma slice. Similar to a Sicilian slice, it reminds me of the pizza I would eat while living in Italy, where I went to grad school. I am also a sucker for all things garlic and tomato so naturally this works for me.

What Bulleit cocktail would you pair with your favorite slice and what makes this a good combination?

In terms of pairing cocktails with pizza, I feel something light and refreshing works best. A Bulleit Bourbon with cream soda and a little vanilla works great with any slice.

Favorite pizza place?

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 100 percent.

Bottle of Bulleit with a pizza pie placed in front of a bar.

And for anyone personally seeking their own slice of heaven, similar to the editor, if you happen to find yourself in Shelbyville, Kentucky, maybe stop into the Bulleit distillery. And maybe Adam will be there and maybe he’ll have some pizza and maybe you two will end up hitting it off and be friends for life. And that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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