Picking the Curious Brains of We Are Scientists

The eternal romantics, stage rockers and hilarious gents from We Are Scientists recently played the ILEGAL MEZCAL summer concert series at The Surf Lodge on Friday, August 7th. We caught up with one of Whalebone’s favorite bands to find out some very important information regarding the well-spoken, indie rock trio.

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Question #1: If ever there was a dish of food named after the band what would it be called and what would be in the ingredients?

“Double Good Happy Snack” would be the food, and it would be easy as hell to make: it’s just popcorn — delicious, salty popcorn, glistening with synthetic butter compound.

Question #2: If you had to marry to get a green card to the US. How would you propose?

All marriages are, on some level, transactional; the fact that you’re doing it for a green card is no excuse to leave out romance. My proposal would involve an intricate set of dance-like movements, repeated for several hours, designed to exhibit the health and kaleidoscopic coloring of my plumage.

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Question #3: What cover song do you wish you guys secretly played?

It would be fun to learn “Kiss from a Rose,” the Seal song, but yes, it would have to remain a secret. As so many bands from the last twenty years can attest — bands none of us can now remember! — performing “Kiss from a Rose” publicly is the kiss of death for an entertainer. Even the most robust career can be dragged under the waves by this deceptively innocuous millstone.

Question #4: Best rap album of all time?

Eazy E’s “Eazy-Duz-It” has a special place in my heart, but I recognize that the content is often repugnant. What can you do? The paths tread in one’s youth resist reforestation. (Definitely a theme implicit in “Eazy-Duz-It,” come to think of it.)

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Question #5: Greatest thing about New York City?

The pizza, the subways, the nightlife, the bagels, the models, the parks, the buildings, the art — it’s a tie.

Featured photo + additional photos courtesy of We Are Scientists and their Instagram.