Visual Confirmation: Jen Stark Painted the Surf Lodge

Today is Monday, which should mean that the heaviest weekend of summer is officially over. The 4th of July on the East End saw both a lovely and tragic influx of party-throwers, party-goers and party-crashers. There was barbecuing, family time, dancing, shouting, french-kissing and stupid traffic. All in all, I think everyone found a way or two to enjoy themselves. If not, there’s still 78.5 days left of summer.

Of course, a lot of the weekend’s focus was placed on the Surf Lodge and its supremely hyped happenings. In checking for video coverage of this past weekend’s shows, I came across a good feels video of Jen Stark putting her artistic touch on the Surf Lodge. It’s a pretty rad edit and you’ll get to hear Jen speak on her art direction for the project as well as her feelings on Montauk.

Press play below, and if you’re going to be around this summer, check out the S’lodge’s concert series.

Check out The Surf Lodge

Production — Pete Maiden

Edit — Studio Zoo NYC

Music — Pattern Based