The Harbor Revamp to Break the Bad JuJu

Photo: Facebook

As mentioned in the pages of our inaugural issue, in the Whalebone News section, there are some new businesses coming to town this summer. Some are just making their appearance in town, others have been renovated and some have switched hands to new owners. The Harbor is one of them.

The Harbor photo from Curbed Hamptons

The Harbor photo from Curbed Hamptons

This spring James “JamO” Willis, along with his business partner Robert Hirsh, purchased The Harbor restaurant and it is expected that the acclaimed raw bar and restaurant will have quite the “face-lift” this season.

Photo from Facebook

Jamo Willis Photo from Facebook

Known for his club promoting, restauranteur vibe with a splash of surfer-bro, the Australian-born Willis’ personal brand is representative of beach life meets night life, which he hopes to somewhat transfer into the new restaurant by the docks. The “beachy,” laid-back feel of The Harbor should cater well to the local crowd and visiting folk alike, and will hopefully be the influencer in breaking the stigma of bad juju surrounding the building where The Harbor is located.


In the past, the building has been home to a number of restaurants and bars who have came and went with little success, and The Harbor is hoping to reverse the bad karma surrounding the building with their purchase and rebrand. The 3,200 square-foot building on West Lake Drive will do similar as those who have occupied the building in the past have tried to do, in playing restaurant by day, bar scene by night.

Bringing on the likes of NYC club promoters and nightlife professionals such as Ronnie Flynn of Up & Down NYC, Willis and his clan hope that The Harbor will be the new face of Montauk night life. A culture away from the busy bars of Main Street, creating a separate scene towards the docks. Not to mention, it’s just a short walk away from the club-house, Liar’s.

Hey, they are bringing in Ja Rule to perform on Memorial Day Weekend, which seems like a good start to us.



With plenty of outside space, games like horseshoes, bocce and ping pong, along with their outdoor seating, the restaurant/bar will cater to the laid-back, day-time hangout the venue partly hopes to portray. Which is something not many other businesses other than the Sloppy Tuna and the Montauket are pulling off.

The menu will include dishes that are quick, easy and thoroughly enjoyed in wood-fired pizzas, pastas, steaks and fresh-caught fish. And along with The Harbor, Willis and his newly acquired property will lay claim to and serve as home of the “Booby Trap MTK,” a small Greek takeout stand, that is open until the early hours of the morning.

In covering all areas, of restaurant meets beach hangout, meets bar scene, meets late night food, The Harbor is using all resources to make it a successful and fun summer for the new business. We are stoked to check it out and wish them the best of luck. Cheers.