5/6/15- Ditch- 8 a.m.

May 06, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

Waves look kind of fun! Wave height is in the waist high+ range, but still kind of slow and mushy considering the minimal strength of that lingering east wind swell that’s been sending us small waves for a few days. Winds are light out of the NNW and conditions are super clean. There’s no one out and there are definitely a few waves coming in. I would say “hey, it’s pretty small and looks slow/semi frustrating, but if you need a break and want to jump in this morning, it’s worth getting wet.” Definitely not worth dropping anything important, but grab a longboard or a fish and go get some! Little chiller and on the cloudy side, so wear your warmer wetsuit if you have one. 


Low 03:35 AM -0.1ft
High 09:46 AM 2.43ft
Low 03:27 PM 0.07ft
High 10:03 PM 2.98ft
First Light 05:06 AM
Sunrise 05:36 AM
Sunset 07:51 PM
Last Light 08:21 PM