Behind the Board with Kyuss King

Professional surfer Kyuss King in water with board

And also behind the guitar

What do you get when you mix surfing with metal? The answer is Kyuss King, a professional surfer, musician, lover of the color green, Sun Bum Ambassador and soon-to-be-famous actor. Quite the resume. Catching up with him on a couple waves, Kyuss gave us a look into his life behind the waves and the camera, along with how his hometown of Byron Bay, Australia has not only shaped him, but also shaped up.

The following is a snippet from a conversation with Kyuss King and Sun Bum*

professional surfer Kyuss King holding up Kyuss record

What’s it like growing up on a farm in Byron Bay?

It’s amazing. Byron Bay is such a rad place with lots of options for good waves. Our little farm is epic. We can blast music really loud and it won’t annoy the neighbors “too much”… My brother Ras and I also love to ride dirt bikes around and fix up old-school muscle cars. So it’s nice having the space.

How would you say Byron has changed in the past 15 years?

Byron Bay has changed a lot since I was grom! I remember going to surf early before school and there would only be my family, a few mates, and a handful of other locals. Now it’s crazy!! Sometimes you can’t even get a park to go to the beach, but you can’t really blame anyone as Byron is just such a beautiful place. Everyone that comes here doesn’t want to leave. 

professional surfer Kyuss King sitting on ground with dog
professional surfer Kyuss King holding surf board

We noticed that you’ve been busy working on Hollywood-style films while you’re not surfing. What got you into the entertainment world?

Yeah, the acting gig has been really fun! I’m always keen to try something challenging, different and new. The film Rasmus and I did really just came up out of the blue. We got hit up on Insta by the director to do an audition and amazingly they liked what we did, so in short, that’s how it happened.

Vegemite & cheese or Avo on toast?

Definitely Vegemite and cheese. Pretty much lived on this combo as a grommet 🙂

professional surfer Kyuss King surfing

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