Your Wilderness Gear Guide presented by YETI

Do you reckon’ Hugh Glass would have bought a Yeti cooler to keep his dead beaver fresh and scent free from bears? Doubt it, but you can imagine how much easier life would’ve been if he had one. Maybe Yeti will make a deterrent equivalent to sharkbanz and call it bearbanz? Hugh could’ve really used that. Okay, not funny but he survived so it’s cool right? If any Glass relatives are around please don’t seek revenge on me for that last part…Point is, some of us city slickers could use help when it comes to being in the wilderness and let’s face it, seeking out a rock in the flint family or rubbing two sticks together looks cool, but not all of us are eagle scouts. Whalebone is here to help by presenting the Yeti Wilderness Gear Guide. Please note: None of the gear is intended to take on a bear. Leave that to the professionals like Mr. Glass and Leo. 

  1. Roark Cassius Knife $64.95 – Not recommended for protection against bears or other large mammals encountered in the wilderness. Is recommended for whittling that s’more stick just right.
  2. Shwood Sunglasses  Cut that glare down when slammin’ salmon.
  3. Go Green Indoor / Outdoor Lantern for that middle of the night trip to the bushes $9.95
  4. Whalebone Flannel Layer up with Whalebones Terrace Flannel $60.00.
  5. REI Co-op Flexlite Chair for that real comfy ghost story $79.95
  6. Eno SingleNest Hammock Who’s ready to mock out? $59.95
  7. YETI Tundra 65 in Ice Blue $399.99 Keep the soda pops cold…or the Castoroides meat fresh
  8. YETI 36 oz Rambler  & Chug CapCool points for Whalebone Customization
  9. Montauk Brew Co, Session IPA…because it’s not really camping if there’s not really beer. That’s just science. 
  10. Mountain Hardwear Ghost Sky Tent For those star-gazin’ nights or foggy mornings. If the tents a rockin… $428.95
  11. The North Face Dolomite Double 20 Sleeping Bag  Second to beer and rivaling a hammock, gotta have yourself a good sleeping bag if spending a night in the wild (or your backyard). And your Star Wars one from 4th grade just won’t cut it anymore. $159.00
  12. Sage Method Fly Rod  Because there’s a reason they don’t call it catching…get your dinner the real way. $850.00
  13. Orvis Clearwater Reel If you don’t want to go all Yvon Chouinard old school, outfit yourself with a nice reel for salt or freshwater that’ll make slammin’ those salmon a heck of a lot easier. –$98.00


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