[Surf Gallery] Stella Tall Boys

Every so often in this world, a semi-over-anticipated storm system bearing a female name dances up the coast and kisses the Northeast on the cheek. A fair amount of the time the kiss is short, sloppy and better off erased from memory (especially when brashly hyped up in the group chat a day ahead of her arrival). Other times, the incoming smooch evolves into a 36-hour-long makeout session, with everyone in near vicinity hooting their lungs out and a large gathering of camera technology there to capture it all. As the photo gallery above will attest to, this past week’s storm, Stella, was the lovely latter—providing some lengthy lips for anyone in the regional vicinity who sought her out. But mostly Jersey.

Extra toasty shoutout to our friends over at Duraflame for helping bring this feature to life. Check out some of our past swell galleries below: