[Watch] Novelty Waves with Winter Storm Stella

This past Tuesday—after checking the local swell reports and watching as the wind and rain from Winter Storm Stella roared through the area—I decided to go take a look at a certain undisclosed East End location that I had been keeping an eye on for a while.

It’s a spot that rarely produces any sort of wave, let alone a surfable one. On top of that, it’s so hidden that it’s only accessible by a complex system of underground tunnels…or a boat. Still, I always felt it’d simply need the right storm off the coast to turn on. With Stella making her entrance, I decided to make the journey and check it out.

Upon arrival, I saw that it was breaking exactly how I’d always imagined it could. I immediately called one of my go-to wave riders, Austin Eckardt. Austin showed up shortly after, and reached out to his good friend, Jesse Joeckel, to join in on the secret session as he quickly suited up.

The two of them made their way into the water and had the right-hand point break to themselves, trading waves in the rain as I filmed from the shore, my camera strategically wrapped in Austin’s jacket with the lens poking through the sleeve. Worth the journey.

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