[Surf Gallery] Hurricane Hermine

Nearly twenty years ago to this day, a contradictorily named/sized rapper from New York—one Christopher Wallace—released what would become an everlasting party-starter and No. 1 hit, titled, “Big Poppa.” In the interlude of this well known track, another rapper—one Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy aka P. Diddy aka P Dot Diddly Doo Wuap Da Flex—famously suggested that members of certain social circles should regularly congregate in the name of partying and having a good time. We quote:

“Tell your friends to get with my friends. And we can be friends…shit, we could do this every weekend.”

With almost two decades in the wind, Hurricane Hermine showed up to Long Beach and officially kicked off hurricane season, in what we here at the Whalebone HQ are calling, “an aquatic embodiment of Puff’s well-versed recommendation.” And by the looks of #everyone scoring in the above gallery, we might be right. As for that “we could do this every weekend” part… keep an eye on the 5-day tropical forecast.

Note: Two of the photos in the gallery are not from Long Beach. First one to find one, screenshot it and send it smellyalater@whalebonemag.com will receive a wearable gift from yours truly. Izz Gucciii.