Summer in 35mm: Hunter Orahood

Every summer I tell myself I’m going to “take it easy” out here in Montauk and it never works out like that. This summer stayed par for the course as things started off nice and smooth and by the end everyone seemed to be turning into a red-eyed pack of wild animals. Bonfires, late night swimming, gambling, being escorted off the property at Liar’s as the sun came up, psychedelic boat rides, bottles and bottles of rum and just general sleep deprivation.

When you get right down to it, there is a definite and exciting energy out here that gets people all riled up. It’s a wave energy, a creative energy, a party energy… whatever it is it keeps me coming back year after year. Here are a few 35mm snapshots of the journey this season… please enjoy!

Keep up with Hunter and his pension for tiki at @californiasaga. Thanks Hunter.