RSVP for Our NYC Issue Release Party

Photo: Scott Walsh

Like an unruly cat that routinely nudges miscellaneous valuables off your coffee table, we did it again. We got a bunch of probably-too-lovable people together in the basement of a speakeasy in Chinatown, and created our second annual NYC Issue. Okay it wasn’t in a basement in Chinatown—we have a pretty nice office in SoHo now. But the issue was created and features a corner deli’s bouquet of people, places and things you’ll fall in love with much too easily.

Update: Due to an overwhelming response we have reached the capacity limit for the NYC Issue release fiesta guest list. Our apologies. If you would like to be added to the waiting list or happen to own the world’s biggest 18-wheeler that we could park outside the bar and use as a party bus please write us

Thank you for understanding. Here’s a dusty photo of Bronson for your time: