The Water Issue Release Shindig

Magical Mystery Pour

The first thought was to throw the release shindig forof Whalebone Magazine presented by YETI underwater. Then the Whalebone crew realized that they’d failed to make the issue waterproof as planned. Thousands of hours of research and planning had been for nought, it seems. When the issue hit “the streets” and mailboxes the book was of the paper variety that would not do well in soggy conditions.

The invite didn’t quite go as planned either

The next, most obvious spot was George’s Lighthouse Cafe.

They all came in their freshest, enjoyed the views, the sunset, the food, the drinks on drinks on drinks from Montauk Brew Co, The Palm by Whispering Angel, The Long Drink, Health-Ade, music by our boy Mr. Oli Benz, and the release of The Water Issue of Whalebone Magazine (get yours where Nemo did)…All the while, we’re figuring out how the hell we didn’t do this every-damn-day. So, while our lawyers, accountants, and some guy named Ralph are working feverishly to see if we can do this to infinity and beyond with everyone at Whalebone Magazine for the rest of all of our lives for eternity. We’ll leave you with a glimpse into some of the moments captured that evening. Enjoy the photo gallery here…

Photos by Paul “I’m Not” Brooke

“The new issue changed my life”

You seeing this?

“Get the captains out here”

Getting an early start

Smile, you’re the man tonight

Soak up the darty

Cheers to these homies

“You just don’t understand water.”

Where is George?

Not too bad

Double fisting

Just a few more

Take a look-see


Does it come with water?

Do it with no hands