North X Northeast: James Katsipis

James Katsipis wasn’t quite born in 40-degree-water swimming off Montauk Point with a camera in his hands, but, yeah, basically he was.

Since then, he’s pointed his lens at an awful lot of things in, under and around that water. He shares with us here a few of his favorite Northeast adventures and a bit of the stories behind them.

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Corey Senese is one of my favorite surfers to shoot with when I get the chance. I love his unpredictable lines that he draws on waves. He can ride anything make it look really beautiful.

Montauk Native Austin Eckardt gliding his way around Icebergs. I remember i could hear the sound of his fin clanking against the ice as he was trimming down this novelty wave.

Winter surfing isn’t for the faint of heart. Nick Joeckel setting up shop getting ready to paddle out on one of the colder days I can remember.

Camp Hero is home to folklore The Montauk Project, inspiration for the show Stranger Things.

A really tough and sad situation to be in. Luckily no-one was hurt.

What lies beneath.

Captain “Happy” packing out what he likes to refer to as “Crack.”