Here Is NASA’s Latest Batch of Space Travel Ads

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that almost every earthling’s version of outer-space is different. When I think of outer-space, my first thoughts are of former planet, Pluto. I imagine a purple-bluish jawbreaker floating in a star-spotted darkness, maybe a wormhole subtly doing its thing somewhere off in the distance. But that’s just my outer-space. The outer-space of say, Seattle graphic design agency Invisible Creature, is drastically more defined and sorta 10x f*cking cooler.

I know this because NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently had the design firm (whose founders’ grandfather was once a NASA illustrator) create three futuristic space travel posters—all of which kick ass. There are hints of 60’s science fiction novels, Woodstock-era vibes, ice volcanoes rightfully titled “Cold Faithful,” and more unpredictable inspiration embedded in each of these intergalactic works. Have a gander at each in their entirety below.

1. Enceladus (Saturn’s Icy Moon)


2. The Grand Giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune)


3. Mars



If you’re interested in learning more about them + possibly purchasing one or two or all three, you can do so here. Or maybe you don’t want to buy them. Maybe your version of outer-space is better. Maybe Pluto should still be recognized as a planet.