Feeding The Adventure with Clif Bar’s Waterman’s Weekend

When Clif Bar reached out to us in early Summer, we thought we were about to hit the jackpot and receive endless bars until the day we die. To our surprise, that was not at all why they called. What we came to find, is that they had a much better idea in store.

Being a brand with our roots in Montauk, all of us at Whalebone are very in touch with our aquatic merman/mermaid side. Whether it’s catching a wave before work, getting a nice paddle session in at sunset, or taking a much needed post-Memory Motel night dip into the cold Atlantic, we are water lovers and appreciate our strategically placed home base.

Our friends at Clif Bar brought it to our attention that, not everyone is like us. Some people are not familiar or comfortable with being in or surrounded by water. Once our shock subsided, we got to work planning an awesome partnership with our new adventure hungry amigos.

Saturday morning surf sessions ??‍♀️ with @coreyswave #feedyouradventure

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The Waterman’s Weekend was focused around the launch of a new and exciting product recently added to their line up—the Clif Nut Butter Filled which is USDA organic, low glycemic, and so damn delicious. In late September, we partnered up to introduce countless people to this new bar of joy, and to introduce a select group of newcomers to the East End.

Clif Bar wanted to bring out people who were unfamiliar with Montauk and show them the area from a local perspective. This means excluding the normal Summer tourist crowd, and share house overflow. Yes, we love a good party, and can sometimes appreciate crashing a few sharehouses, but we were eager to introduce Clif Bar and their guests to a few of our favorite places once the dust settles.

We kicked off the weekend with a generously portioned dinner at Sole East, which might have ended in a visit to The Dock and some karaoke at Liar’s with a few of the brave new souls (hi @escapebkln). Then Saturday morning was warmly welcomed with lessons from the crew at Corey’s Wave, who introduced our guests to the perfect learning waves on Ditch. After exploring some of the beautiful bluffs overlooking the ocean, the group went over to meet Mike Martisen, owner of Montauk Oysters. There we learned about the ecosystem, how the oysters are harvested, and every element—sun, waves, water, time— that effects the process and final product.

Next stop was The Grey Lady for a sunset sail in the harbor, and then another fresh meal to reflect on the day. The last day began with a rigorous SUP session on the sound with Evelyn from NY Surf Girl— a SUP, surf and yoga instructor—as well as online editor at StandUp Journal—that who helped us close out the Waterman’s Weekend with a little mediation, and post-SUP stretch.

Needless to say, our new group of friends learned a whole lot, and were able to experience and appreciate what we love so much about our water-obsessed and water-dependent community.

The Waterman’s Weekend was giving a new group of people the chance to surf, explore, SUP, connect with local businesses, learn about the importance of oyster farming and build a connection to the health of the local ecosystem.

Just a casual day wading through the oyster farm. ⚓️ #feedyouradventure #otterexpedition

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We’re still hopeful we can work something out on the endless Clif Bars for life. But for now we’re humbled and honored to have partnered up with such an awesome, adventure-driven company to help share in the experience, and showcase all of the beauty Montauk, and the East End has to offer.

Major shoutout + thank you to all involved in making this weekend beyond memorable:

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