Fair Harbor x Whalebone and Friends Clean Up in Montauk

A Very Trashy Day

We may be the only people in the world who love (cleaning) beach trash more than hungry seagulls looking for lunch.

But we must really love trash. If you think about it, we are spending hours of our lives taking it out of our houses. We separate it from our recyclables. We’re even composting. And we invite our friends to scavenge for it on Saturday mornings. Good thing we have friends that like the trash much as we do. Not to say our friends are trash, they’re actually pretty amazing. Such as is the case with our friends over at Fair Harbor who have created a company based on transforming trash into treasure, or in their case very cool beachwear. While not huge fans of single-use plastics, they are fans of recycled-plastic fabrics. They create suits made from plastics that are given a second chance at life that doesn’t include floating aimlessly around the ocean for the next millennium. Whoever said second chances didn’t exist.

A week or so ago, shortly after we made our very own Matt eat the hottest pepper in the world, we also put him in charge of cleanup at Gin Beach with our pals at Fair Harbor. Luckily for Matt, we served something cold back at the Boneyard post-beach spruce. Around 10 a.m., we scoured the sand and combed the shores looking for things other than beach glass and shark teeth, lucky for us @sharktoothprints was not able to join or else we might have only found very rare shark’s teeth.

Matt still had a burning in his mouth but was gradually regaining the ability to speak coherent words.

As much as we were looking forward to a little trash, this time we were happy to report that there were no plastic bottles or Montauk Brew Co. cans to be found, which sort of bolsters our theory about Montauk folks being pretty conscientious. Sure, there were weird wads of paper, rope, styrofoam and fishing lines mixed up in some low-tide seaweed, but not quite enough recyclable material for Fair Harbor to get a head start on next year’s collection of sustainable swimwear. And of course, we did and will continue to celebrate a trash-less beach back at the Boneyard with only Montauk Brew Co. Lemon-Lime Seltzer, which we responsibly placed in the appropriate recycling receptive after enjoying.