7 Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Everyone knows hat young children and pools don’t go very well together, at least not until the young children can swim. If you have a child who is just learning to swim, or who doesn’t know how to swim at all, we have a few tips for you to make sure everyone stays safe this summer.

1:Don’t take your eyes off your child while he or she is around the pool area. We probably don’t have to say this, but just as a reminder: It only takes one second. Keep your children safe by keeping them in sight at all times.


Courtesy of Life Saver

2: Make sure you have a fence around your pool, and make sure that there are child locks on the fence. It’s easy to unlock a gate, but not so easy for a 3-foot child to lift a lever on a four-foot fence.




3: Have a key word that signifies to your child that it is ok for them to enter the pool. This will ensure that if you do not say “the word,” you’re child will know that it’s not ok to go in. Make sure the key word is not used in daily conversation. For example, “yes” would not be a great key word.


Courtesy of whattoexpect.com

4: It’s a good idea to know CPR or have someone around who does. 30 and two for adults and 15 and one for young children and infants. Memorize those numbers after you become CPR certified. They will be the most important numbers to remember in your life because they could help you save someone else’s.

5: Make sure everyone in the pool area knows the pool rules. If a child sees someone breaking the rules, chances are they’ll think it’s OK for them to break them too. Make it clear that rules are to be followed by everyone.

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