7 Beach Bag Essentials

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“In my beach bag I have…”


We’re giving you a list of all the necessities you’ll need in your beach bag this summer. We don’t want anyone stressing out when they’re at the beach because they’ve left an essential at home. Here is your 2015 beach bag check list.

1. Sunscreen. You definitely do not want to leave your house without lotion. We suggest zinc for your nose, lips and face and 30+ SPF for your body. If you’re lazy like me, and hate rubbing white goop all over your body, grab one of the spray cans from the local convenience store. There’s a CVS in East Hampton and a White’s in both East Hampton and Montauk.

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2. Towel. Whether you plan on jumping into the freezing water or not, you’ll want a towel. Obviously to dry off after swimming, but this multi-faceted convention has many uses. If it’s windy, wrap yourself in a towel to both keep warm and keep the sand from whipping you. If it’s cold, wrap it around you for warmth. If you’re feeling burnt, cover your head, neck and shoulders with it to keep the sun off. If you’re tired, use it as a pillow or blanket. I could go on, but I’ll spare you all.


3. Water. Do not leave the house without at least one bottle of water. Most of the places that sell water at the top of the beaches are incredibly expensive, and you’ll need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink at least double your usual amount because you’ll be sitting in the sun all day, which will dehydrate you more than you think.



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4. Frisbee or Football. The beach is the best place to be in the summer, but even we’ll admit that it can get a bit boring if you’re just laying around. Bring a soccer ball, volleyball, Waboba or any other kind of ball to keep you entertained during the day. It’ll keep you active and get you hot so that jumping into that cold ocean will feel good!



5. Snacks. Everyone loves snacks, whether you’re 5 or 50. Any kind of fruit will make a great snacking food for the beach. An apple, oranges, cut up strawberries; all will be refreshing and keep you satisfied without compromising your diet. If fruit doesn’t fill you up, or if you don’t have time to cut up fruit or go grocery shopping, a bag of chips and a sandwich will be the perfect beach lunch.

6. Sunglasses. Oh boy. The amount of times I’ve gotten to the beach and realized my sunglasses are still sitting on the kitchen counter. Not only are sunglasses important to protect your eyes from the harmful sun, it’s just a pain to be at the beach without them. Squinting and reading with one eye closed looking like a drunk pirate is no fun. Put them in your bag first thing so you know you won’t forget them. Or better yet, buy another cheap pair and keep them in your bag all summer. That way, you never have to worry.


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7. A book. If sports aren’t your thing, grab a good book and fall into another world while you sit and relax at the beach. Grab your kindle, or head to the library or book store to pick up some of the NY Times recommended reads for this summer.

Enjoy your beach time, and don’t forget our checklist!