Ixtapa or Bust

Photography by Marina Ekroos


hen last we left Marina Ekroos, the Finnish photographer was rambling through Mexico in a van with not one but two guys named Gabriel (Gabs for short), shooting street skateboarding. Only fitting the van’s final destination was the coast and a surf session in the Pacific after a stop at a skate park near Ixtapa.

Gabo paddles out.

Marina had been following the lead of the two Gabs, following them with her camera as they skated through Puebla at parks from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende. But, she says, “The beach part was something I really pushed for. I wanted to see the Pacific side of Mexico.”

The plan had been to head straight for Sayulita, but people bailed, as happens, and the coast trip was in doubt. The destination shifted to Ixtapa and the crew morphed, but eventually they made the six-hour drive, ending the journey beneath the shade of a palm tree.