Espectacular De Lucha Libre

Photos By Walter Iooss

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Co. has been running professional lucha libre wrestling matches since before you were born. Otherwise known as the CMLL, the legendary organization was kind enough to allow Whalebone Magazine to attend one of their events at the world-famous Arena Mexico, the cathedral of lucha libre in Mexico City.

Since Whalebone Magazine does not have decades of experience documenting the most famous athletes in the world and photographing the most historic sporting events to ever happen on the planet we decided to bring someone who has, Walter Iooss. Don Iooss was kind enough to hop a plane to Mexico City and meet us for an evening of luchador matches.

We cannot stress this next part enough, before you kick the bucket, book a ticket to Mexico City, splurge on dinner at Hacienda de Los Morales, then go purchase the closest seat to the ring you can for a Friday night match at Arena Mexico. Make sure you go to the right arena. Until that happens we hope you enjoy the magic Don Iooss was able to find one night in Mexico with the luchadors.

photography by Walter Iooss