What’s on Tap? Did You Say Tequila?

Photograph: Wes Rowe

Many bartenders have said that some cocktails get better with age. Enter the tap cocktail trend. That’s right, one of the newest trends in cocktails, is batching creative concoctions and serving them on tap.

In fact, drinking cocktails on tap has several pluses for the drinker. Here are a few:

  • More potent? It allows the cocktail to ferment, which can change its taste over time. In a good way, of course, we aren’t drink the funk or anything. Because of this slight fermentation, the ingredients and flavors bond to one another over time. Which provides a cocktail with a unique taste otherwise unattainable when making to order. Translation – it tastes even better!
  • Time. There’s less waiting for your drink. Those multi-ingredient, made-to-order cocktails take time, which we don’t have. It only takes 30 seconds to pour a cocktail from a tap, and as much as we all like a little show from the bartender, we know you are thirsty and really just want that drink fast!
  • Choices: Avoid ordering a cocktail you don’t like! It’s cut-to-the-chase drinking. You know now what your options are and what you’re getting. Usually when you see something that sounds awesome on the cocktail menu, you order it, take a sip and if you hate it, you are stuck with it. With cocktails on tap though, you may ask the bartender for a small sample, helping you to avoid those regretted bad orders.
TL Taps2 4:7:14

Photo Courtesy of Townline BBQ

Two east end restaurants leading the pack when it comes to this trend are Almond in Bridgehampton and Townline BBQ in Sagaponack.

At Almond, there are always two concoctions on tap, both year round and seasonal options. Current pours at the moment are The Loring with açaí spirit, rosemary, cardamom and white wine as well as the Tequila Sour with Cabeza tequila, house-made sour mix and a cayenne-sugar rim.  And if those don’t get your buds waterin’, Almond are offers up some bottled cocktails too. A similar concept to tap cocktails, the bartenders are making batch cocktails and bottling them.  A few of the current bottled selections at Almond include the Lavender Pear, the Mutton Chop and the Mash-Hattan.


Photo courtesy of Almond Restaurant


Photo: Lindsay Morris

At Townline BBQ one tap on the line up is dedicated to a cocktail. A new concoction is rotated in as the one each cocktail keg is kicked.  The “current” selection is “Currant Obsession.” It’s a blend of a housemade currant shrub, Dutch’s Spirits Sugar Wash Moonshine (yep you read that right Moonshine) and Prohibitters, then topped off with fresh lemon This one comes with a disclaimer though: not for the amateur drinkers. Next up in the lineup for the summer is the Texas Tea with Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, passion fruit-peppermint tea, fresh lemon juice and organic agave nectar.

texas tea_townline

Photo Courtesy of Townline BBQ

Before you order the draft next time, think about if you craft beer or craft cocktail. You have to love the options regardless. Cheers and happy summer!