Office Dogs Tell Us Their Pet Peeves

Advice from World-Class Co-Woofers and their owner’s Yappy Hour cocktail of choice

Since the beginning, Tito’s has been Vodka for Dog People.


hen Tito started the distillery, his dog DogJo was his right-hand canine. Her food attracted a revolving door of strays that came to be known as “distillery dogs.” These distillery dogs inspired Tito to start the @vodkafordogpeople program which has supported and benefitted animal rescues and more than 800 animal nonprofits. Woof.



Hard to believe one dog could sleep as much as Curly does. Good thing he’s got a comfy bed at the office.

Pet Peeve: Fire drills and loud noises that interrupt naps.

Owner’s Yappy Hour Cocktail of Choice: Tito’s Hot Chocolate

Advice for Dog People: Make us feel at home in the office. Bring my bed and also a few familiar toys and things I like to chew on.


A cool customer who brings a certain chill to the office. She’s like, “Whatever, man, that report will all come together after we go for a walk. Don’t stress.”

Pet Peeve: Unchill co-woofers who make management reconsider the pet-friendly office status.

Owner’s Yappy Hour Cocktail of Choice: Tito’s American Mule

Advice for Dog People: Stay in the zone. If everybody agrees on where we dogs can hangout, everybody stays happy. I try to keep my co-woofers from wandering around outside the zone.


With energy to spare, this dapper dog gets a smile from everybody. Except Barbara.

Pet Peeve: None. Come on. Look at him.

Owner’s Yappy Hour Cocktail of Choice: MoTito

Advice for Dog People: I like to move it, move it. Getting up from your desk and walking me, um, like 12 times a day, is a great way to keep you healthy and actually more productive.


She’s got a little bit of an attitude, it’s true. But so would you if your hair looked that good. Every. Damn. Day.

Pet Peeve: Co-woofers who don’t respect the “no-roaming zones” in the office and make everybody look bad.

Owner’s Yappy Hour Cocktail of Choice: Tito’s Classic Cosmo

Advice for Dog People: Not every dog is as suited to the office environment as I am. High-strung, high-stress yappers do not make the best co-woofers, so consider this before bringing them to work, please.


He’s always got the best seat in the house. Sometimes it’s yours, but the little guy gets along with everyone and is quite the conversation starter.

Pet Peeve: When Gary in accounting doesn’t have any treats in his desk.

Owner’s Yappy Hour Cocktail of Choice: Tito’s Sonic

Advice for Dog People: So, sometimes I get into things I shouldn’t. Just make sure people are eating in areas where I’m not underfoot and throwing trash away where I can’t get to it. I mean, I eat my own poop, so what do you expect?


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