Cocktails for Quarantine

If you’re anything like us, you haven’t put pants on since last Friday and the temptation to drink before noon is ever-present.

We’re kidding. Half-kidding. Actually, we’re drunk.

But a lot of people have felt like a cocktail is in order lately and we thought a few of these recipes would help make things a little easier. We even went out to our Afternoon Delight readers and asked them for their suggestions on what they could make work with what they had on hand in an an impromptu little Quarantini Cocktail Competition. Winner take all. OK, winner take a $100 Seamless card (and matching $100 to No Kid Hungry).

But first, here our suggestions:


Tequila, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, dash of Simple Syrup (if you like it sweet), top with soda, if you have it. And salt rim, duh.

Be Smartini, Stay Home

All too obvious, but requires very little ingredients. Maybe save this one for Week 2 when things have almost run out.
Fill a cocktail shaker with either vodka or gin, add lots of ice, shake the hell out of it, serve with a lemon twist

Dirty Quarantini

No offense, NY.
Fill a cocktail shaker with either vodka or gin, add lots of ice, and either a little or a lot of olive juice, again, shake the hell out of it, serve up, with a few olives.


Until the hand sanitizer hoarding stops.
Tequila, St. Germain, Soda Water, Lime. Serve on ice with a paper straw


Your grandmother’s first vaccine.
Whiskey, lemon, honey, muddled ginger go into a cocktail shaker. Shake with ice, strain over new glass with ice, or up.

If you like Pina Coladas and Staying at Home

4oz Pineapple Juice,  4oz Coco Lopez, 4ozRum, Ice
Blend, sing, dance, cry. Pour into a tall glass, top with an umbrella, red dye #40 cherry and an umbrella.

Cough Drop

Vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, garnish with lemon cough drop

Do I have a fever?

Mezcal, lime juice, triple sec, agave, muddled jalapeno. Salt rim.

Cucumover Never

Cucumber, Gin, soda water, splash pineapple. Dash of a fancy, herby bitters if you too got that gift at a company exchange and were wondering what to do with it all this time.

Cyber Sex on The Beach

Because things are about to get even lonelier.
1 1/3 oz Vodka, 1 1/3 oz Cranberry juice, 2/3 oz Peach schnapps, 1 1/3 oz Orange juice
Preparation: Build all ingredients

Corona Extra

No, Susan, Corona’s can’t get you sick.
Just add lime & 6 feet of social distance!

Gim-Let’s Stay Home and Get Drunk

You said it, not me.
Gin, simple syrup, lime juice, ice. Shake & strain. Garnish with a cucumber slice.

Old Fa-shunned

Whiskey, sugar cube, bitters, orange (or lemon peel). In a rocks glass, muddle sugar cube and dash of bitters, pour whiskey over, and stir. Then, add your peel. Fill glass with rocks.

Vodka-SO-damn bored

Vodka, soda. Bye boredom.

Strawberry Daiquarantine

Swap the fruit for whatever you have in your freezer and join us by the pool for Daiquarantine Hour.
Strawberries (frozen or fresh), ice, simple syrup, lime juice, light rum. Blend and serve.

Ne-Groning about staying in

Quit your whining, and finish your drink.
Gin, sweet vermouth, campari, orange peel. Add all ingredients into a glass and stir, strain over a glass of ice, add garnish.

Quarantini Competition Winners

First Place Winner: The Banana Coffee Breakfast Cocktail

Mashed banana, shot of espresso, shot of bourbon whiskey, splash of coconut water, cinnamon, vanilla, shake and sieve.

Honorable Mentions to:


The Sunday Cocktail: Tito’s, Kahlua, and a can of cold brew.

Cran Mule (sans copper cup): 1.5oz Deep Eddy Vodka, 1/2 lime juiced, top with ginger beer