When you think of a safe you probably think of some giant metal box that hides in your wall behind that one painting that really doesn’t match any of your other home decor. Not obvious at all. But when we think of a safe, we think of TROVA—smart safes that keep your personal items protected but also readily accessible. We asked a couple of our friends to put TROVA to the test. Stay tuned here for their stories, or sign-up and get peace of mind delivered to your inbox.

Two women posing for a photo together on the front porch of a victorian style house. The women are standing back to back with their faces turned to their side to face the camera. They are both wearing jeans and black tank tops but the woman on the left is holding up a white cello and the woman on he right is holding up a white violin and bow.

Kept Safe with SistaStrings

Live from The Music Issue. We asked one of our favorite sibling duos SistaStrings to see how TROVA matched their tune and helped make all those performances on the road that much more stress-free.

Thoughts from Monique and Chauntee →

Forager and Vegan Chef Chrissy Tracey headshot

Kept Safe with Chrissy Tracey

Fresh from The Pizza Issue. Foraging for peace of mind, we asked vegan chef and forager Chrissy Tracey to test out a TROVA safe to see how it impacted her life, keeping her safe from stress and allowing more time to create in the kitchen.

Thoughts from Chrissy →

Adam Rosante doing a handstand on the beach

Kept Safe with Adam Rosante

Rolling in with The Slow Issue. We took some mindfulness moments with Adam Rosante to see how TROVA enhanced his peace of mind while on the move.

Thoughts from Adam →


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