Kept Safe with Adam Rosante

Adam Rosante does a handstand on a beach
Photo by Kate Rosante

How TROVA Can Enhance Your Peace of Mind

Maybe you’re like us and when you’re trying to fall asleep at night or trying to meditate and calm your mind, you start thinking of those random questions like, “Where the hell did I put that?” in reference to that one personal belonging that is really important, but for some reason you can never remember exactly where it currently sits? That’s where TROVA comes in to better your peace of mind. Not only a safe, but a release of stress knowing your most valuable everyday items are protected, but also conveniently within reach. As we roll up to The Slow Issue, we asked Adam Rosante, founder of the not-for-profits Good Eats and Homekeeper,  to see how TROVA helped him find deeper peace in the day-to-day. Ohm.

A person sitting in a chair holding meditation beads with a TROVA safe next to him
A TROVA safe with meditation beads on a table

If you could put a song or a memory in the safe, what would it be?

A memory, for sure. The first time I saw my wife. When I was 16, I was doing a show at the Gateway Playhouse in Bellport. We were all really excited because on this particular day, the dancers were coming and they were a huge part of the show. I was sitting in a rehearsal studio with the rest of the cast when they came in single file. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It was like there was a light around just her. In typical teenage fashion, we were super awkward around each other for weeks before we finally had a conversation. We’ve been together ever since. But that first time I saw her is a memory I’d like to keep safe, for life.

Walk us through what you chose to keep in your safe and why?

I have a daily meditation practice. My wife got me these sandalwood mala beads a while back. They’re sacred to me and just very special. We were traveling through Portugal, and it was great to have the TROVA to keep them safe and in their own space. I also had a pen and small notebook in there, which I use to track daily habits. Part of a larger practice which I typically start right after my morning meditation.

A person taking out meditation beads from a TROVA safe

How can you see TROVA added to your everyday life?

My wife and I were traveling to Lisbon for a friend’s birthday. We peeled off on our own to explore a few other spots in Portugal after. One in the Douro Valley. The other is in Alentejo. It gave me incredible peace of mind to know that something so important to me was perfectly safe throughout the entire trip, no matter where we were. The pen and pad are replaceable. I just like the ease of having it all together in one easily accessible spot. And this may sound funny, but there’s also something incredibly gratifying about hearing that little click when you unlock the safe. 

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