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How TROVA Home is Making the Everyday More Secure

You might think that safes are only reserved for hotel rooms, bank vaults, or that one secret room in the back of your favorite restaurant that has all of the secret recipes. But TROVA is here to change that. They’re striving to combine the security of a safe with the accessibility necessary in daily life, from necessities to the things that mean the most to you. To celebrate The Pizza Issue of Whalebone Magazine, we asked vegan chef, forager, and all-around great human Chrissy Tracey to try out TROVA and see how her day-to-day is aided by the safe. Back to you, Chef. 

A woman smiling sitting in front of a TROVA safe
A TROVA safe with valuables and memorabilia inside

If you could put a song or a memory in the safe, what would it be?

CT: If I could put a song into the TROVA safe, it would be “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bob Marley. Simple. I was diagnosed with ADHD back in 2014, which makes focusing very difficult. I lose things easily and often, which can get incredibly frustrating and bring my day from good to bad in just a few minutes. As silly as it sounds, I’ve had to enact several new methods for focus and to stay organized and on top of what matters most. Some of those methods include journaling daily, keeping a physical calendar rather than relying on a digital one, and writing to do lists that I keep on my fridge. The TROVA has improved my life by providing a safe haven for the items that are most important to me, keeping them in one, condensed, easy to access place so that I never lose them. That being said, now, I don’t have to worry as much, and I’m certainly happier! 

Something I got a kick out of was that my fiancé told me that I’m terrible at keeping track of little and physical things. Now, because of the size of the safe, I’m in a much better position to stay organized and I won’t lose it because it has a permanent place!

How can you see TROVA added to your everyday life?

The TROVA added to my everyday life because it became something I rely on daily. It’s so easy and intuitive to set up, and I love being able to control it from my phone. I use it multiple times a day, and it’s become a part of my routine. At the end of every day, I place my engagement ring back inside the safe, and the keys and wallet on the external tray on top. It’s really a game-changer.

Walk us through what you chose to keep in your safe and why?

I chose to keep a variety of items in the tray— from sentimental items, to expensive designer sunglasses, to highly important items that I could not live without. Keeping the engagement ring in the safe was a no brainer for me; after all, I’m a chef. I don’t like to cook or wash my hands often with this beautiful ring which I love. I am not a big jewelry wearer, but I inherited this ring from my fiancé’s mother which means the world to me. To have something to pass down and keep in the family holds a lot of weight and I don’t take that lightly. I’ve been saying for months, “I need a safe space for this, not just the ring box. The box is too small” and boom, the TROVA became a quick solution. 

My secret recipe cookbook lives in the safe with recipes I have never shared with anyone and family recipes I got from my mother and other great Jamaican women who came before me. I also chose to keep my external hard drive and SD card, which hold an additional back up of my entire first cookbook on it, and all of the nature photography I ever took for the book. I can’t risk losing such small items that hold a lot of weight— once at the end of an editing deadline, my computer crashed and I lost both of my backups both in the cloud and on the computer. These physical copies I will hold onto forever. 

I know this is vain, but I keep my favorite Gucci and Balenciaga sunglasses in the safe as well, because I wouldn’t want to lose them. One pair was gifted by a great friend, and another pair was the first pair of expensive glasses I ever bought and fell in love with. 

TROVA HOME filled with engagement ring and personal belongings
TROVA HOME and top plate resting tray with keys and wallet

I keep small items that I often lose in there including an extra iPhone charger, an external battery pack, and my Airpods. And of course my passport and SSN card—I’d hate to lose those items! I’ve misplaced them more times than I can remember, so having peace of mind is really nice. Lastly, a few sentiments complete the safe including photo booth photos with friends, a precious amethyst stone that I love (I collect rocks and seashells). It truly is the most perfect solution for me!

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