Talking Summer ’16 with the Montauk Beach House

Photo courtesy of MBH

One hundred and twenty three days — that’s how far a traditional calendar will tell you summer is away. You know what? We’ve decided that’s too long, and we’re not with the wait (nor are we much for the traditional). So in an effort to erase the clocks and set the mood, we caught up with Summer ’15 veterans and Summer ’16 showrunners on the East End, the Montauk Beach House.

Not only did we find out that their camp is already in full summer gear — planning next level events, booking musicians, expanding their nightlife scene — but we also realized that discussing the best season of the year feels almost as good as it actually being the best season of the year… and we’re still “one hundred and twenty three days” out.

Below you’ll find our conversation with the MBH’s Events Director and maestro-of-all-things-summer, Michelle Swavely. Enjoy, and if you find yourself on their pool deck in the next few months, come say hi — we’ll be putting together our summer issues under the cabana.

What up! How is life? Is the sun shining? 

I try to chase the sun when I can and channel it when I can’t. Life is good! I’m working on mastering the Brooklyn to Montauk and back again jaunts that have become standard for me during the off-seasons. My split personalities/lifestyles seem to be getting the hang of it. 

Photo courtesy of MBH

Photo courtesy of MBH

Before we get into summer 2016, we should probably pay homage to last year. Greatest moment of summer ’15?  

I probably can’t remember it haha – it was an epic summer full of amazing moments. My highlights include: a major “AHA” moment during a meditation session on the MBH balcony guided by The Path’s Biet Simkin and taking in the sea of happy revelers to the summer anthem sounds of Dirty Vegas DJ’ing our 4th of July poolside session. That juxtaposition basically sums up my Montauk summers and the happenings at the beach house. 

Talk to me about summer 2016. What’s got you guys most excited? 

Community! We’re stoked to continue creating unique experiences involving guests and locals alike. We want to introduce our patrons to cool stuff while also creating a space for relaxation and inspiration. For 2016 we’re going to be expanding our night scene a bit, so get ready for magical evening hang sessions by the glowing pool reflecting the moonlight. 

Photo courtesy of MBH

Photo courtesy of MBH

Alright — wildest thing you’ve ever seen on the MBH pool deck? Feel free to exaggerate and/or replace celebrity names with House of Cards characters to preserve privacy + make things interesting.

We have a strict “what happens here, stays here” policy with the shenanigans that inevitably ensue poolside. Besides, you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you!

Dream party: you get one musician/band, one forever bottomless beverage, one unlikely attendee and one line to end the night on via microphone to the entire crowd. Spill your guts. 

  • Band: Coachella is stealing my thunder a bit, but LCD Soundsystem put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I would love to recreate that.  
  • Beverage: Mezcal Margaritas
  • Attendees: Barack Obama
  • Closing Line: “Wait…who invited the cops?!”
Photo courtesy of MBH

Photo courtesy of MBH

You guys run Left Hand Coffee as well? A Whalebone favorite — there’s a rad dude with a beard (I can’t remember his name? PJ? Larry?) that runs things behind the counter. He deserves a shoutout; we came for the coffee but stayed for the conversations with him.  

Yannis! He is the mastermind behind the entire Left Hand operation as well as the food and beverage program at the MBH. Thanks to him, you can get tipsy by the pool and then sober up or cure your hangover with an artisanal coffee at Left Hand. 

Any other events/recommendations we should be aware of/begin hydrating for?

One should ALWAYS stay hydrated, but we definitely do have some particularly exciting things up our sleeves for the 2016 summer season. You’ll have to stay tuned to our blog Low Tide and @thembh on Instagram for teasers and details though!