Subway to Surf

Distance from Huckberry, NYC: 17 miles (take the A to the S)

Would it be considered the greatest city in the world if you were unable easily to take the subway to surf? Probably not. But thankfully, you can. The Ramones were even kind enough to sing you instructions on how to get there. That being said, during the chillier months you’ll want to dress accordingly because Rockaway is arguably at its best for surfing when the weather is at its worst.

After passing JFK on the A Train and avoiding the temptation to hop a flight to PR where you know wetsuits won’t make an appearance, you can either get into a 5mm wetsuit, or maybe, if the winds are cooperating, you find Paul Schmidt (founder of the Rockaway, Queens-based Paul Surf) and take a shaping class to build that custom board you’ve always wanted.

Tell Paul that Huckberry sent you (you can tell him other things, too, like the original Rays Pizza is on 33rd Street) and he’ll take 15% off your shaping lesson. Extra charge if you don’t bring him a slice.

Because You Don’t Want to Wear a Wetsuit on the Train

  1. Proof Field Jacket $248
  2. All Weather Duck Boot–Exclusive $180
  3. Finisterre Fisherman Sweater $155
  4. Magpul DAKA Weatherproof Pouch $23
  5. Luminox Ice-Sar Arctic 1000 $374.98