They Said This Would Happen…

Photography by Robbie Burns

Spoiler alert: Several people reading this knew it would appear here even before we did.

They knew about the whole of The New York City Issue, that there would be a pigeon on the cover and everything that would appear in it and what photos would show up here even before @_roberto_thunder ever snapped a frame.

201 Sullivan Street

These rare few seem comfortably nestled into locations around a city that never sleeps, hiding like Easter Eggs waiting to be discovered by individuals with a curiosity for things such as fortune telling, tarot cards and awesome custom neon lights. Thankfully for us, Roberto Thunder is also curious about such things. Adding those together, we discovered that Mr. Thunder recently went on an expedition creating a photo journal on the storefronts of various psychics, spiritual healers, tarot card readers, and clairvoyants around New York City. We took note of the places from Roberto’s travels and have listed the addresses and a glimpse into these hidden gems for you, just in case you’d like to find out what the next issue of Whalebone Magazine will be.

7 Horatio Street