A jumpsuit so good you don’t mind getting half-naked in a public restroom

Not every wardrobe problem can be solved with a good jumpsuit, but these from Outerknown fix a great many of them.

Every gal needs a good jumper in her closet. It’s the easiest decision you’ll make for an outfit choice, what pants go with this top? None, it’s all attached, my girl. You’re going to save so much time pretending to be on your way to something in this.

Now, to be completely honest, jumpsuits can be tricky, I haven’t had a ton of luck finding a good one. I have what my mother calls, my grandmother’s ass, which is so nice of her. Point is it’s hard to find something that is one size and fits on the top and bottom all in one. So imagine my surprise when a blind jumpsuit test, where I didn’t agonizingly choose them for myself, passed with flying colors, trust that I would say so if it didn’t. The three styles were chosen for me to try on by the good folks at Outerknown, all fit, all made me wish I could get out east this summer (still crossing my fingers) to wear them.

If you don’t know very much about Outerknown, you probably do know very much about the company’s founder, Kelly Slater. Before you read on about a couple of jumpsuits I can only call life-changing maybe bone up on Kelly and Co.’s world-changing commitment to totally sustainable closed-loop production over here.

Prism Jumpsuit, Navy.

Easy breezy. You know when you get a piece of clothing and you’re like I’m gonna have to keep track of who I wear this in front of, because I’m tryna wear it all the time? That was my thought putting this on. Super lightweight which is amazing for the Florida humidity (where my try-on took place) and also Montauk humidity (where I am aiming to wear this bad boy). Stretchy organic cotton is great for a night that involves mudslides and pizza or pizza and mudslides. Honestly, this thing is so good, I don’t mind getting half-naked in a public restroom for it. (Disclaimer: I’m not going into any public restrooms any time soon, but if I were it would be worth it, just to give you some sort of idea of my deep love for this jumper.)

Check it out for yourself

S.E.A. Suit, Shortall, Storm.

A romper, remember earlier when I mentioned the thing my mom said? Well this is even trickier territory. You know what’s fun about a romper that makes every woman feel connected?  They pull it off the hanger and go “oh a little dress” and then they’re either super disappointed or stoked when you see the little leg holes. In this case, I was surprisingly stoked, I’ve always wanted a romper that would stay put on me. This was that. I got it in storm (a sort of moody sky grey) and honestly, I may branch out into other colors now that I know I’m safe and sound in it.  This outfit is well-structured, too, with a collar, buttons down, pockets on top and bottom and in back, literally pockets everywhere (a very good excuse to not have to keep track of a purse).

Check it out for yourself

S.E.A. Suit, Sage Brush

Oh! My little romper grew legs. This one actually fit nicely but I could totally see sizing up one to get a looser fit, I liked it just the way it is, but life is all about choices. This jumpsuit is definitely something I’ll be wearing into the office once I get back in there, so look out for some extra and likely unnecessary trips to the printer, totally not because I like walking around in this one or that I can see my reflection in the conference room glass when I walk past, totally not that. Also definitely won’t be suggesting beers after work when I’m wearing this outfit, probably definitely won’t be doing that.

Check it out for yourself

(This is not me, but she looks great right?)

And after a beer or two, I can confidently say that I can solve many of life’s problems, one of which I have just solved which is jumpsuit dread. As you might know already, we’re big fans of Kelly Slater over here, his surf talent, his golf game, and, now, his clothing. Yeah, his clothing line as it turns out is world-champion class.

A few more things to know about Outerknown: they use 90% organic, recycled or regenerated fabrics and materials, were the first brand to be Fair Labor Accredited before ever even shipping an item and you have a lifetime guarantee on your Outerknown S.E.A. Jeans where O< will repair, replace or recycle your jeans for you. So, that’s pretty great.