Summer in 35mm: Matt Schwartz (+ Polaroids)

This was my first real summer where I had the time to shoot/surf/chill and really understand the vibe of what was going on in regards to the ocean and surrounding beauty. Being that I am from NY, I am quick to hop on a plane to an “exotic” location and discard the beauty close to me. After a few days of walking the beaches in Montauk and looking up at the endless sky, I was magnetized.

Montauk was like landing on another planet for me. It started out with hanging a six week art install at The Montauk Beach House and then everything spiraled from there.

Being introduced to the skatepark was definitely an added bonus, as I always love to shoot local parks, when traveling and just hang out. Whenever I take photos, they are initially for me and then I think about releasing them. I never press the button on the camera thinking about selling work. 

Taking that mindset into consideration I am beyond psyched to have captured some magical moments on polaroid + film , which I will be releasing on my site, next week. A huge thank you to Montauk, Whalebone and The Montauk Beach House for all the love that was shown and for playing a major role in this new collection of work.

Check out all of Matt’s work over at his website, She Hit Pause Studios. Thanks Matt!